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We request your sponsorship as a support to the live radio program Akanda Ogo which features persons with disability as a way to celebrate their achievements through with the society can learn and have better understanding of the way of persons with disability as not to encourage street begging which can tarnish the image of persons with disability and the country. Your donation will also support our scholarship program and secure a permanent office.



The Hope and Life for Disabled Persons Foundation is open and transparent to meet up with the needs of persons with disability. The Foundation is overseen by Board of Trustee which comprises professionals and religious leaders in the society. You don't need to lock up yourself in your little world or reduce youself to a ragged street begger who needs help. Join our foundation to develop yourself. The country needs you also.


The Foundation is open to all abled members of the public and welcomes their financial, material, and service donations in order to put a smile on the faces of the disabled persons in our country and beyond. You could render selfless service to members of the foundation through health care, teaching, craft, etc.


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